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With the belief that good food attracts good people, we're bringing people together over rice

Our Story

Real Service. Real People. Real connections.

OverRice was born in Orlando, Fl in 2011. Offering a combination of traditional Filipino and Hawaiian food. Our mission is to bring together classic family recipes with our passion for cooking, culture and service to parks, street fairs, and special events. Fresh and healthy scratch cooking blends classic flavors with ethnic roots to deliver a piece home.

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Always fresh always from the heart

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Our Team

The OverRice Family

Meet the owners, Mayra and Joel. A husband and wife team dedicated to serving up some of the most delicious Fillipno and Hawaiian food they grew up with.

Mayra Paoner


Person behind the scene, Mayra takes care of all the little details. Making sure Joel is able to continue serving his delicious food to our customers.

Joel Paoner

Kitchen Expert

Founder of OverRice, Joel started out by sharing the food he grew up with. Bringing many of the great memories, and flavors in his life into his food. Now he shares all his recpies with he's customers. Everyone has a seat at our table.

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